Why salman rushdie midnight children is a important book

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Midnight children is a story of Saleem Sinai, who was born at the stroke of midnight when  India got its independence. born with telepathic and other supernatural powers. , Saleem is destined from birth to be special. for he is one of 1,001  children born in the midnight hour and all the children have some special supernatural powers and they all can connect with each other through telepathy.

Why I love this book?

Rushdie is a true genius with this book and I am not just saying, the book got 3 Booker prize, the book talks about colonialism, politics, supernatural powers and magical realism.
Midnight children is a family saga and how Rushdie wrote this book is another reason that I loved this book.
and after reading 647 pages long book there was not a single emotion that was left unexplored.

Why is Midnight Children an important book?

Midnight Children is a really informative book if someone wants to understand the Indian history during colonialism and after Indian independence, the book gives us much important information about it. This is my first book which introduces me the concept of magical realism, It tells us what were the problems before Independence and after independence, it also discusses the evils of Congress with the amazing fairy tale of Saleem Sinai.



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