Traits of a successful Entrepreneur

You may have heard a lot lately about our generation being termed as “The Millennials”.Well then, howdy millennials! Well, many of us dream of getting away from the cubicle starting up(or at least dream of, for the time being) businesses of our own.

Starting a business all by yourself might not even sound(forget about getting it done!) easy. A sip of this potion would mean leaving the comfort and security of a regular “day job” to pursue a passion or dream.

Believe it or not, but it takes a lot more than just passion or ‘kick’ to join the race in becoming a true entrepreneur. So let’s peruse down the list of few very important characteristics to see what all we are already blessed with and what all needs to be incorporated to become the one!


Always keeping one eye on the big picture, and this ability can make us a better employee. “Vision is about strategic planning,” Litzinger says. Prescience might just come handy! Knowing where the industry is going, which field is flourishing. Identifying the challenges, because dude! who are we kidding? It’s not a cake walk. Staying focused on long-term goals and initiatives!

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Let’s say you like a person very much, like you kinda “love” that person. So if you propose and they reject your proposal, would you give up? If your answer is yes, well.. you are a namby-pamby. And if your answer is a total no, yah.. you are the kind of people entrepreneurs might look up to. Because you possess one of the most important traits that all successful entrepreneurs must possess: Persistence.

Persistence is the iron quality of character. Persistence is to the character of man as carbon is to steel. It is an indispensable quality that goes hand in hand with all great success in life.Your greatest asset can be your willingness to persevere longer than anyone else. In fact, your persistence is a true measure of your belief in yourself and your ability to succeed.

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3. Self-motivated

With Elon Musk swamping all over the newsroom, we don’t think anybody else could be a better person to state who practices self-motivation.Just like him, you should also enjoy challenges and tirelessly work to overcome those. Problem-solving should one of the things which you should be stating as your hobby.“Regardless of who writes the paycheck, we all need to work as if we work for ourselves,” says Belinda Plutz, a career coach at New York City–based Career Mentors Inc. Basically, you have “intestinal fortitude” or that “fire in the belly.” You love to be your own boss, carving your own paths along the way.

4. Strong leadership qualities

Leadership is something that could take you to places, let alone a successful entrepreneur. Being the go-to person most of the time by people around you, having balls to change your dream into reality is what is perfect description of a leader because it is the duty of a leader to direct, motivate and inspire the team so that as a whole they could grow and flourish.

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jack ma(alibaba)

5. Marketing is in your blood

You know how to sell.Whether selling your idea to an investor, negotiating with a bank for a loan, talking to a supplier, or directly selling to the customer, YOU know how to sell. If you hear yourself saying no, then we hope and pray you are smart enough to partner with someone who excels at it.


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