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In this competitive world, everyone is trying to win the goals that were set for them by others. They get up every morning, follow their daily boring routines and do not for one second think about what they actually want to do with their lives. And since most of the people in our society work for the IT industry, all they do is sit in front of their computers from morning till evening.

Although most of the people, unknowingly end up with their desk jobs all their life, some of them actually find their passion and try to follow them. Today, we are going to share a story of one such person who might inspire you to follow your own passion, while doing the desk job too!

Srilekh S. is an IT professional who is also an avid reader and writer. She started working at TCS right after she finished college in 2005. Like everyone, she worked hard and achieved all the goals she was set up with. Soon she realized the routine that ruled her life and began to question the life she was leading.

Srilekh S.
Srilekh S.

Somehow, she got the idea of blog writing and the day she started her own blog was the day she found her passion for writing. At first, it was just writing about random thoughts and then gradually she began exploring the field of book reviewing. Now she reviews new books on demand of the authors while also continuing to write random blogs now and then.

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