800 Million workers to be replaced by robots by 2030


As amusing as this statement appears to be, this is what a new report by McKinsey suggests. According to this report, it is expected that more human workers will be losing their jobs as our obsession with technology intensifies. About 60% of the jobs will be overtaken by robots and would be automated. Gardeners, nurses, physicians, sports instructors and childcare service providers are the ones which would be least affected. Jobs which require just high school degree are most in danger like fast-food servers, machine operators, cashiers, toll booth operators…

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Are we ready for drive less car | Uber’s automated car accident

Do you remember all those science fiction stories when you were a kid? We all fantasized about many scientific things, especially robots, doing all our work or a car driving itself and taking us wherever we want and much more hanging in our imagination. All those are no more fantasies but they are on their final way to reach the destination of reality. And driverless cars are one of them. In this era, where everything is turning automatic, the top companies like Audi, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen and Volvo…

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