Padmavat-The tale satiating famished male ego

Padmavati, Oops.. Apologies!”Padmavat” — seems to have finally (let’s still keep our fingers crossed people) cinched its spot at the very much-awaited silver screen. Remember the song Ghoomar in which you adored Deepika Padukone? Well, that’s just going be a memory for us, because well.. duh! It’s being reshot! It took “just” five cuts, a disclaimer, and removal of ‘i’ from the title of the film to be queued up to release the film on 25th January 2017. Apart from the fact that the entire nation knows that it is…

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Top 5 things our politicians should choose over banning padmavati

vagabond brains

Padmavati is a huge controversy. If you switch on any NewsChannel most of the time there will be news about Padmavati. Karni Sena is a major Rajput community who is supporting them.But soon they will be seen as a film will be released.Want to know how? Pollution in Delhi /NCR – Pollution is a slow poison in our capital now, we are breathing in a gas chamber. As per as WHO, Delhi pollution is a worst of any major city in the world. But most of our politicians are busy…

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