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When most of the people today are wearily searching for various platforms to showcase their talents, Open Mic offers great opportunities to those people. Various organizations orchestrate these events to help the unheard stories and ideas to reach a wider audience. Most of the Open Mic events are subjected to poetry, storytelling etc., but nobody provides space for a common man to publicise his ideas and solutions.

Unbox Idea is such a venture which particularly focus on providing a fun environment for people who are hungry to share their innovative ideas with the world. Their main mission is to not only provide a space for people to talk about the causes of a particular problem but also to suggest possible solutions to that problem in a simple, better and organised way so that every person in every part of the country can understand them and work together in building a better future.

They regularly organize Open Mic events called Unbox Idea Reveal Solution where people from all around Delhi NCR convene to share, discuss and bring awareness about various social issues. Their last event saw a great many people gather to discuss some of the issues plaguing our country.

This March, they are back with the Unbox Idea Reveal Solution 2.0 with more ideas and solutions to be shared with the world. To take part in the event, all you need to do is fill the form and register yourself here. Out of all the entries, they will invite the selected participants for the event and the ideas that suit the organization’s guidelines will be recorded and uploaded to their YouTube channel.

If you are not an innovator or you are someone who wants to simply attend and be a part of the discussion, you are welcome to interact with the speakers and by asking them questions related to the ideas they present and by providing feedback on the topic chosen by the speaker.

So mark your calendars and get ready for Unbox Idea Reveal Solution 2.0 happening this 18th of March, 2018 at CMYK Bookstore, GK-2, M-Block.

You can check more videos of Unbox Idea Reveal Solution 1.0 on their YouTube channel.



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