Museum of the Moon

Been ardently adoring the moon? Now, it has come close to us. The capital city got a chance to witness a spectacular replica of the moon at ‘Museum of the Moon’. British Council of India exhibited an art installation created by the UK artist Luke Jerram, right in the heart of the city.The artwork measures seven metres in diameter. The imagery of the moon by NASA is digitally printed on a nylon-like cloth, evenly stitched in the shape of a sphere which is lit from inside.The exhibition was for a week starting from 23rd February 2018 at 17, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi. It has been exhibited before at different places in India as well, like the NGMA Bengaluru, The Gateway of India, The city palace in Udaipur and the Victoria memorial hall in Kolkata.

Udaipur- moon museum
Udaipur- moon museum
Kolkata- moon museum
Kolkata- moon museum

It was a treat to watch the large-scale art installation of the Moon.Everybody wanted to capture it and get clicked on it too. Luke Jerram said “Museum of the Moon allows us to observe and contemplate cultural similarities and differences around the world, and consider the latest moon science. Depending on where the artwork is presented, its meaning and interpretation will shift.” As we know, in India moon has a great significance, religiously also. So, it just increases the artworks symbolism in India. Surrounded by the light of the shiny and soft-silver, everyone had a beautiful time. The perfect moonlight and the soothing background music both were complementing each other perfectly. Apart from the breath-taking installation which we thought was enough, the British Council India had a lot more to offer. There were magical theatrical performances and beautiful dance pieces done by professional groups taking place in front of the serene beauty.

Theartrical performances
Theatrical performances

It was a sight for sore eyes, the energy was eccentric. Everybody felt resurrected for that time being. It was something worth attending.

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