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Legalizing Marijuana 2018

Millions are coming together to celebrate the marijuana legalization as Justin Trudeau decriminalized possession, consumption and growth in the Maple Country.

Canada, taking pride in being the second country, on 17th October, while Uruguay being the first, certain other nations like New Zealand, Mexico, The Netherlands, Italy are likely to follow.

The new law has as many supporters as it has concerned authorities, which are going against its promotion, productivity and availability.

marijayan legalization


The Canadians are limited to up to four plants per residence, not person; and up to 30 grams in public at a time. The law also establishes a new offence and strict penalties for those who use youth to commit a Cannabis offence or sell to a minor, could land them in jail for 14 years. Even though carrying of Cannabis is allowed anywhere in the country, any individual is not allowed to carry Cannabis or its products across the border, to any country even if Cannabis is legal there. The government is providing a number of tools and resources with information about Cannabis. The consumers or buyers need to be at least 18 – 19 to purchase and strong laws have been put up for the control of behaviour such as selling to minors or driving drugged out; for which police can demand a sobriety test or ask to provide a saliva test, even though the saliva tests still raise a question of concern. According to Proposition 64 in California, people can know to carry an ounce (28.5 grams) of marijuana and eight grams of concentrated marijuana with themselves in a flight.


Online cannabis stores are getting a hundred orders by the minute since the stroke of midnight, since Cannabis has gone legal, not only from Canada but also around the world of marijuana and its products including edibles. The market has not only involved in e commerce but also New York stock exchange has signed the Cannabis Company Aurora Cannabis, officially approving the company list its share in NYSE.

The earlier convicted:

The convictions of possession of Cannabis made earlier are also being relaxed if the guilty were found with 30 grams or less with them and can apply for a pardon.

The harshest laws around the world

Even though many states and countries are being liberal about the possession, some countries are imposing harsh laws than others.

A 5-year prison sentence a minimum if found smoking or possession in Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia.

If caught trafficking, one can expect a death sentence in Egypt, Philippines, and UAE etc.

Difference between Recreational and Medicinal Purpose:

Recreation and Medicine are very different in their own respects. Recreation is more of a leisure or free time ‘trip’ enjoyment while medicinal is more of a curing ‘trip’. Marijuana has many purposes; recent surveys show that consumption of marijuana has led to zero deaths. Instead, it works as a better medicine than strong dosage pills or heavy drug medication.


Many countries have made boundless efforts to promote the consumption of marijuana illicitly (where cannabis is not legal) and by humorous means. The best example of a humorous situation was in California by introducing a Netflix series called ‘Disjointed’. The series is about the lives of people working in a weed dispensary in California where all of them show all the positive nature of cannabis and what happens when you ‘OD’ (overdose) on such grass.


The cannabis industry is not a pebble industry, but it is a gigantic hub for people who want to be cured or enjoy their mind hits. Hence, various categories of ‘strains’ or types of grass are being grown and blended every day. For a more mellow ‘trip’, cannabis is converted into a less potent form called ‘Hash’ or ‘Hashish’. Below is a list of categories from medication to enjoyment, all covered in numerous amounts of strains:-


Legalizing cannabis


The beauty of this is that each category here has a large variety of strains namely;

Girl Scout Cookies

Sour Diesel

Pineapple Express

 Blue Dream

 OG Kush




The Netherlands is one country where cannabis will very soon be legal. Coffee shops currently have a license to let the consumers have some basic products like edible hash cookies or even pot brownies. If a person is found with more than five grams worth of cannabis, he/she will be charged, tried in court and could be sent to prison. Fortunately, this country is fighting for their rights to consume cannabis and soon, no such strict actions will be taken.

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