Love Left Me

I used to pluck petals off of flowers

Only so I would know you’d loved me

I used to sit with you and count stars

You would always call me pretty

But now that my garden is bare

I cry for you but you never do care

I try to look the way I used to be, happy, carefree

But my love left me

Even the blue skies howl in pain

I look at them cry, but you call it rain

I try to fix myself from amongst these broken pieces

But with all these cracks I’ll never be sane

When you said you’d be here forever

I knew you were just lying

But it all happened so fast

That I’m alive, but dying

I can’t replace you

I can’t forget you properly

When I look at our old pictures

I only think, my love left me!

– Srishti Kalra

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  1. Anonymous

    Beautifully written!

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