“I was born this GAY”- The story behind the Pride Parade

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Pride Parade which was earlier known to be as “gay liberation protests”, focuses on celebrating oneself, without being ashamed of their identity, imbibing the feelings of strength and unity among people. Every human being has the right to equality, to express their feelings and thoughts with freedom.

pride rally
LGBT+ rally

When was the last time someone was hurt by equality?

To support the rights of the LGBT+ community several pride marches take place around the globe. The pride parade comes into action and supports LGBT+ rights, their community and culture. These parades aim at raising issues, spreading awareness and fighting for the LGBT+ rights, it encourages people to come forth and be proud of who they are without fearing anything.

These parades majorly happen over the month of June, in these parades, people come together to rally shouting slogans ,displaying placards, massive floats , dancers, music, etc. to celebrate and send out a message of love and equality. Many celebrities, politicians, and sportsperson join in support of these parades.

women kissing
Wearing pride on their sleeve

These parades and protests have different objectives of their own, to celebrate proudly about their identity, to fight against the issues or discrimination faced by them or to stand up for equal rights.The LGBT+ pride parades have been going on since 1970’s. The stonewall riots were the beginning Of pride marches. The stonewall inn is a popular gay bar where these riots first took place. Over the last 45 years, the parade’s have been named differently such as– Christopher Street West in 1972, Gay Freedom Day from 1973-1980, International Lesbian & Gay Freedom Day Parade from 1981-1994, and the San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Parade and Celebration from 1995 till now, have played a pivotal role in raising issues and legalizing the fundamental human right to love and be loved, without regard to Cast, creed, gender, color, politics or sexuality.

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Love Pride

Over the years the LGBT+ community has been recognized and many rights have been passed to support them, such as, same sex marriage legalization, domestic partnerships, and anti-discrimination laws have been passed in most of The USA , Central Africa, East Asia, Europe and Australia.

Still, there are 73 countries that do not support the LGBT+ community and haven’t legalized same sex marriage, instead they have strict laws and punishments against them. Various countries are recognizing the need to open up and come forward to support these parades, the LGBT+ community and their rights. These parades encourage people to love, celebrate and identify themselves freely.

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