Have you ever heard about a Dance Jogi ? Read one such unique story about a Dance Jogi

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This is the Story of Sandeep, A dance Jogi 

A Delhi based dancer is winning our hearts by dancing with his soul. Sandeep Chhabra is one such dancer who believes dancing is more than performing on a reality show. He dances to express his each and every emotion. Even though he is not a commercial dancer, Sandeep Chhabra is one of the best dancers of our country. He usually does urban and has a huge contribution to make this particular style popular in the country. 

Sandeep Chhabra is an urban  Jogi.

A  Jogi is someone who sacrifices everything to almighty or god. Sandeep has sacrificed everything to his art. He expresses each and every emotion and tries to convey a message through his art.

He Taught us through his dance that music doesn’t have just beats

He teaches across the country and tells us that music doesn’t have just beats, It’s more than that. To impress an audience is important but to express oneself is more important.
 Sandeep Chhabra from Delhi is one such beautiful dancer, who has given everything to his art. 

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