Elon musk and his pert slog|The man who sent his car in space

Want to excel in the marketing of the product? Well, nobody else could be a better person than Elon Musk. How? His ultra-cool cherry red Tesla convertible Roadster floating in orbit is the answer! An amazing moment in the space and a genius advertisement.
Just in case you were too busy planning the V-day for your baby-boo, let me update you with the facts!
On February 6, SpaceX launched the most powerful rocket on the market, placing Musk’s Tesla Roadster into an orbit that will take it beyond Mars, along with its symbolic driver, a dummy named Starman in a white SpaceX pressure suit.
One peculiarity of the Falcon Heavy is its complement of 27 engines, which seems like it would be unnecessarily complicated. However, CEO Elon Musk says it’s actually a benefit. SpaceX streamed Starman live on YouTube. As of Friday, the video has more than 12 million views.
Much of the internet was blown up with glee and disbelief at the live pictures of a car hovering in front of Earth.The successful launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket is a humongous moment for SpaceX and human space exploration as a whole.
While brand awareness for Tesla is high among “affluent, environmentally-concerned luxury car buyers,” Adamson said, Musk continues to burn through money attempting to mass produce the vehicles. For the fourth quarter, Tesla reported a net loss of $675 million, up from $121 million a year ago. For 2017, Tesla had a net loss approaching $2 billion.
Of course, the mission for Falcon Heavy wasn’t to promote a car, but including a Roadster with Starman, and streaming the view from space certainly helped the Tesla brand.This was no Super Bowl ad for and we don’t expect Ford or Toyota to be launching vehicles into space anytime soon.

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