10 best quotes by Amitav Ghosh that will leave you wonder-struck and inspired

The Padma Shri awardee, Amitav Ghosh is one of the internationally acclaimed Indian authors. This Calcutta-based author is well known for his work, Shadow Lines, The Hungry Tide and many more. Anyone who has come across work cannot stop admiring Gosh for his, intellectual writing which leaves the readers pondering about the true meaning of the lines for a long time. Let’s have a look at some of those lines which many of us still need to implement in our lives.                      

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Top 5 quotes by Khaled Hosseini that will make you think and motivate

Khaled Hosseini quotes

Khaled Hosseini is an Afghan-conceived American author and physician.He has published three novels, most notably his 2003 debut The Kite Runner, all of which are at least partially set in Afghanistan and feature an Afghan as the protagonist. Following the success of The Kite Runner, he retired from medicine to write full-time. Here are our Top 5 quotes from Khaled Hosseini –    

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Breakups can sometimes get extremely difficult to overcome, here are few lines by Rupi Kaur that can help you to survive a separation

Rupi Kaur quotes

Rupi Kaur is a Canadian artist, essayist and artist. She independently published a book of verse and exposition titled Milk and Honey in 2014, which was later gotten by Andrews McMeel Publishing in 2015. The book manages topics of brutality, mishandle, love, misfortune, and woman’s rights. Starting at 2017, Milk and Honey has sold over a million duplicates and achieved number one on the New York Times smash hits list. Her second book The Sun and Her Flowers was discharged on October 3, 2017.Here are few lines by Rupi Kaur…

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Why salman rushdie midnight children is a important book

vagabond brains

Plot Midnight children is a story of Saleem Sinai, who was born at the stroke of midnight when  India got its independence. born with telepathic and other supernatural powers. , Saleem is destined from birth to be special. for he is one of 1,001  children born in the midnight hour and all the children have some special supernatural powers and they all can connect with each other through telepathy. <00″ height=”150″ frameborder=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no”>     Why I love this book? Rushdie is a true genius with this book…

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