A step towards legalizing Marijuana | Marijuana legalization


Legalizing Marijuana 2018 Millions are coming together to celebrate the marijuana legalization as Justin Trudeau decriminalized possession, consumption and growth in the Maple Country. Canada, taking pride in being the second country, on 17th October, while Uruguay being the first, certain other nations like New Zealand, Mexico, The Netherlands, Italy are likely to follow. The new law has as many supporters as it has concerned authorities, which are going against its promotion, productivity and availability. Rules: The Canadians are limited to up to four plants per residence, not person; and…

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Avicii- The 28 year old, King Of Melodies leaves us ,but his music will live forever. Here’s a tribute to Tim by remembering some of his lyrics that are absolute gold…

Avicii Wake me up lyrics and quotes

People say a man’s worth is not measured by the achievements he has but the number of lives he touches. Tim Bergling, the 28-year-old progressive house music producer from Sweden popularly known as Avicii, left the world this friday i.e., 20th April 2018 and has left the world in a shock. The King Of Melodies came into the spotlight in 2011, when he released Levels which went viral and later on became the #1 track on Billboard. Even though the Dutch sensation hated this fame and being in this spotlight still he continued…

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Piano man’s Jazz club- melting pot of music, food and cocktails

Free-flowing, Isn’t that what comes to our mind when we think of Jazz? Jazz music is an intensified feeling of nonchalance. Even though this beautiful form of music dates back to 19th century, it is something that has sustained over the years and still holds importance in the minds of music lovers because of its charisma and originality. It is a way of life, music for the soul. It has the ability to touch, move and inspire us. Imagine this now, What if someone combined live jazz music, a café…

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10 best quotes by Amitav Ghosh that will leave you wonder-struck and inspired

The Padma Shri awardee, Amitav Ghosh is one of the internationally acclaimed Indian authors. This Calcutta-based author is well known for his work, Shadow Lines, The Hungry Tide and many more. Anyone who has come across work cannot stop admiring Gosh for his, intellectual writing which leaves the readers pondering about the true meaning of the lines for a long time. Let’s have a look at some of those lines which many of us still need to implement in our lives.                      

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Open Mic Event – Unbox Idea

When most of the people today are wearily searching for various platforms to showcase their talents, Open Mic offers great opportunities to those people. Various organizations orchestrate these events to help the unheard stories and ideas to reach a wider audience. Most of the Open Mic events are subjected to poetry, storytelling etc., but nobody provides space for a common man to publicise his ideas and solutions. Unbox Idea is such a venture which particularly focus on providing a fun environment for people who are hungry to share their innovative ideas…

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Museum of the Moon

Been ardently adoring the moon? Now, it has come close to us. The capital city got a chance to witness a spectacular replica of the moon at ‘Museum of the Moon’. British Council of India exhibited an art installation created by the UK artist Luke Jerram, right in the heart of the city.The artwork measures seven metres in diameter. The imagery of the moon by NASA is digitally printed on a nylon-like cloth, evenly stitched in the shape of a sphere which is lit from inside.The exhibition was for a…

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