Cape Town runs out of water leads to DAY ZERO

Now that Holi is done and we have wasted gallons of water again (kudos), let me bring to your attention the concept of “Day Zero”.
Day Zero is the date that Cape Town in South Africa will shut off the municipal water supply to all the taps and water outlets leaving almost 4 million residents with no running water. Schools and hospitals will be exempted from this.
It’s the first time in our history that a major city has had to cut its water supply due to the scarcity of water.

The residents will only get 6.5 gallons of water a day (Fun fact: An average American uses or should I say waste 80-100 gallons per day).

Bangalore is reaching the same stage and isn’t too far off. Although there may be some respite in the form of monsoon for Cape Town, the current Day Zero stands at 9th July after being pushed further.

The point of all of this is that one city is running out of basic resources and here we are wasting it. Even though we all enjoy Holi a lot, it would be ignorant of us to pretend that it’s an incredibly wasteful day in terms of water wastage. Now, before you put your “but my heritage and parampara” hats on, it’s just unfortunate that the two most precious resources, air and water, are affected by Diwali and Holi respectively.


The way we handle water management, it’s inevitable we’re heading there and the only people who won’t be affected are the super-rich. Rationing will always be for the poor and eventually, it’ll make its way to the middle class.

Water conservation is a year-round effort but the easiest step to take right now is fixing how not to waste water on Holi and also we should follow what China does, what they do is they use the wash-basins’ used water and fill their flush tank with it. So no clean water for flushing is wasted.
Guys, do your bit be it turning taps off while brushing, or using used water for other stuff. Even though these things might not seem big but trust me these little things when put together will make a difference.
Please save water, it affects more people than you know.

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