Banksy’s Art of Shredding

Girl reaching out for a balloon  was brought to  Frieze art fair , Sotheby’s , UK last week to be taken back for a good sum. People had already laid eyes on her and within no time she went down the dump following which people stood in apparent disbelief to what they were seeing .

Still confused to what this content is about?…. It’s about Robin Gunningham (as believed) and his artwork . Still confused?

Banksy , a freehand graffiti artist and a man with a disputed identity has been widely known for his artworks . Banksy started his career creating graffiti as part of the larger Bristol underground scene with his two other friends Nick Walker Inkie and 3D. Later this artist befriended Steve Lazarides , who started selling his artworks and later became his agent.

Banksy was known for his on point painting and his stenciling techniques which he claims to have discovered while hiding from the police under a rubbish lorry, when he noticed the stenciled serial number and by employing this technique, he soon became more widely noticed for his art around Bristol and London.












He has given himself a reason to stand out of the crowd by his recent unexpected prank (his auction stunt). Banksy, a British street artist known for his stunts, appeared last week to have pulled off the perfect art world prank.

Sotheby’s , American Multinational Corporation headquartered in New York City  held an auction event wherein several artists placed there art pieces to be auctioned and Banksy was one of them . After having auctioned several art pieces  it was the turn to auction “ Girl With Balloon” , the artwork of this famous artist. The artwork was a depiction of a little girl reaching out for  a heart shaped balloon against the wind which symbolized “Love in air “(the love heart balloon dangling in air).

This artwork was one out of many other attractive paintings and in no time was auctioned to $1.4 million.

Once, the painting was finally  auctioned , it was hammered for that value and something irrelevant and unexpected event took place, it shredded out from it’s designated frame. It was one such art world prank pulled off by nonetheless Banksy. He admitted constructing a shredder within the frame of his artwork which got triggered with the auctioning hammer .

Today, the shredded artwork which was known for ‘love’ is given a new title, ‘Love is in the Bin’

It seems to be a mystery to be solved , if it was Sotheby’s act of shredding the painting for it’s profit or was it really Banksy’s prank, this question remains unsolved…to be continued.

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