China’s first space station Tiangong-1 will crash on Earth ‘soon’!


China’s first ever prototype space station Tiangong-1 is inferred to crash on Earth between March 30 and April 2. Tiangong-1 was launched into space in September 2011 and it settled into an orbit lower than the International Space Station. This prototype serving as an experimental platform was launched to demonstrate orbital docking capabilities. Tiangong-1 actually did accomplish its mission. In early November of 2011, it made its first-ever docking when Shenzhou-8 visited this space station and when Shenzhou-10 visited Tiangong-1 in 2012, it marked the end of the space lab’s…

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10 best quotes by Amitav Ghosh that will leave you wonder-struck and inspired

The Padma Shri awardee, Amitav Ghosh is one of the internationally acclaimed Indian authors. This Calcutta-based author is well known for his work, Shadow Lines, The Hungry Tide and many more. Anyone who has come across work cannot stop admiring Gosh for his, intellectual writing which leaves the readers pondering about the true meaning of the lines for a long time. Let’s have a look at some of those lines which many of us still need to implement in our lives.                      

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Open Mic Event – Unbox Idea

When most of the people today are wearily searching for various platforms to showcase their talents, Open Mic offers great opportunities to those people. Various organizations orchestrate these events to help the unheard stories and ideas to reach a wider audience. Most of the Open Mic events are subjected to poetry, storytelling etc., but nobody provides space for a common man to publicise his ideas and solutions. Unbox Idea is such a venture which particularly focus on providing a fun environment for people who are hungry to share their innovative ideas…

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The part-time writer

vagabond brains

In this competitive world, everyone is trying to win the goals that were set for them by others. They get up every morning, follow their daily boring routines and do not for one second think about what they actually want to do with their lives. And since most of the people in our society work for the IT industry, all they do is sit in front of their computers from morning till evening. Although most of the people, unknowingly end up with their desk jobs all their life, some of…

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