Internships are pretty crucial from the point of view of the employers. They value internships for the sole reason that internships provide practical knowledge to the students. There is a huge difference between what is taught

in school and colleges and how those theoretical concepts are applied in real complex business situations. In most of the cases, internships are paid or offer incentives equivalent to payments. They hone your necessary time management and networking skills. They help you in laying the basic foundation of your career. Some internships even offer PPO to the students, which is a pre-placement offer.

Unpaid Internship

But in actuality, the ratio of internships that exploit students to the genuine, fruitful ones is very high. Most of the internships today are unpaid or underpaid full-time ones, which basically means that students are putting in their entire holidays into an internship which offers nothing but a certificate in return.

On the top of that, no real work is actually given to the interns, just some menial tasks. The students are lured in by fake promises of a PPO. More recently, As the number of students looking out for internships is increasing, the number of fake companies offering internships is also increasing. Most of the companies are not even legit. 

The most recent example was that of where a girl named Deepika Chadha applied for a call centre job. She expected no offers considering her lack of experience.

Yet, her inbox was flooded with call backs from multinational companies like Dell, Samsung etc. with ‘good salary packages and unlimited incentives’.

The structure of each email was also similar beginning with ‘Your resume has been shortlisted’ and ending with ‘Call now’. All of these were false job promises. According to Deepika, all they wanted was to take her money and keep lying to her. Of late, such cases have grown multifold times.


Internships are slowly becoming an inevitable part of our careers, hence it is important to distinguish between internships that are actually legit and the ones which are merely exploiting us.

The Internet is an amazing source for providing us with internship and job opportunities, yet there needs to be a filter and act sceptical. To the employer, it doesn’t matter if the internship was paid or unpaid, whether it had incentives or not, all that matters is the knowledge and the experience, hence the main aim of the students should be to find the internships which will enrich their practical knowledge and provide them with the necessary experience.

The students should also do a little bit of digging by interacting with people who did the internship previously. And of course, legit internships won’t ask you to pay! It is essential that the students carry out proper screening prior to joining; so that they are able to prevent themselves from getting engulfed in into the vicious cycle of these scams.

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