800 Million workers to be replaced by robots by 2030


As amusing as this statement appears to be, this is what a new report by McKinsey suggests. According to this report, it is expected that more human workers will be losing their jobs as our obsession with technology intensifies.

About 60% of the jobs will be overtaken by robots and would be automated. Gardeners, nurses, physicians, sports instructors and childcare service providers are the ones which would be least affected. Jobs which require just high school degree are most in danger like fast-food servers, machine operators, cashiers, toll booth operators etc.

Artificial Intelligence is considered a huge threat these days. There is a fear in the minds of the humans that the more technology-driven we become, robots will totally take over all the existing jobs and they will be rendered jobless.

What exactly is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? It is the ability of machines to mimic human behaviour. It is astonishing to note that with such rapid developments, AI actually exists.

One of the greatest examples of AI is the female humanoid robot, Sophia. Sophia is the world’s first robot citizen and is also considered the world’s most expressive and engaging humanoid robot.

Created by Hanson Robotics, she can actually recognize faces and mimic 62 human emotions including smiling and blinking! She is the first robot to be granted citizenship! She is a proud citizen of Saudi Arabia and even has shooting assignments, definitely a first for a robot!

‘No one will steal your job’ – That is what Sophia stated at a meetup in Istanbul. She also in her very humanlike attitude explained the importance of experience even her robot life.

It was experienced that has helped her catch on to different human behaviours. In her view, there are enough resources in the world for everyone, if distributed properly. Though she too believes that with time, more robots will be hired to do jobs that humans are engaged in currently.
This paradigm shift is slowly lowering the wages being paid currently which of course makes automation is a less attractive business proposition. Another school of thought believes that machines will transform but not replace human workers.

They believe that in most of the economies, employment will not reduce but will be shifted to other areas, which will require them to pick up a different set of skills. Humans will find themselves working along with robots.

robots-replace-humans 1
The question of the hour i.e. whether our jobs are at risk or not, that is something the answer to which we’ll get with time. Automation cannot be stopped but its effects can be mitigated with government intervention if the need so arises.

How we adapt to these changes that are bound to happen, that for now is surrounded by ambiguity. Let’s hope we are not rendered obsolete by this huge technology-driven wave!

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