69th Republic Day


68 years ago, a beautiful nation’s constitution came into existence. 68 years since, 26th January, 1950 we stand here with a myriad of memories. Memories that remind us of both, our motherland India’s greatness as well as the duties that we have to undertake. 

It’s 2018, we stand here as citizens of a nation that has given so much to the world.

It’s 2018, and our leaders are still busy fighting internal wars that have risen out of pure politicisation of casteism.

It’s 2018, what haven’t we accomplished? We have accomplished stuff that is far beyond the expectations of our contemporaries.

It’s 2018, and the people of our nation are busy pelting stones at school buses because they are offended by the releasing of a movie based on a not so real historical figure.

Amidst all the confusion and chaos,  we have some good news. India, technically speaking, is the youngest country, with an average age of its citizens being 29 years. Youth is the driving force of a nation. They are termed to be the backbone of a nation. Instead of being silent watchers and tolerant walkers, let’s realise our duties this Republic Day. Our youth boasts of its aggression and anger. If only they can channelise this aggression into a powerhouse, nothing can stop India from reaching the epitome of development.

Republic day of India
Republic day of India

For years now we have been hearing and bearing the so-called ‘Developing’ Nation’s tag. Why do you think, that we are still dragging such a tag along? We have the resources but we lack management. Our internal conflicts inhibit us from being the best. Internal conflicts could also be solved, but we don’t give up on our favourite game-The Blame Game.

Just imagine, what if our freedom fighters didn’t care to put their nation above their egos and lives? What if they blamed each other and kept fighting instead of working together with the sole purpose of freeing 390 million people from the clutches of the colonials?

Our youth is busy pretending to be cool and playing video games. Well, guess what? The world’s biggest and most adventurous game has long begun and we are all a part of it. We are building a nation!

We are not anything else but nation builders. Today is ours! Don’t step back in using these days of your lives in becoming a hero for the nation.

Let not thy winged days be spent in vain; when once gone no gold can buy them back again.- APJ ABDUL KALAM.


This republic day, let’s wake up to know how much the country has given us and how very admirable our Constitution is. Let’s not take our freedom for granted. Let’s not take our backbones for granted. Let’s not undermine the power of expression and voicing opinions. Let’s not give away our motherland in the hands of the 1% of the people who hold 75% of the nation’s wealth. Let’s not give away our share of credit in building a nation. Let’s not forget that VISION 2020 still holds the power to transcend down to reality.

BREATHES there the man with soul so dead. Who never to himself hath said,. This is my own, my native land! – Sir Walter Scott.

Let’s become that generation which transformed and re-designed the fate of a nation, that has the ability to shake the world and spread absolute love and peace.

Happy Republic Day!

-Poetic Gunslinger.

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  1. Anuradha singh

    Beautiful written.

    1. Akankshya mishra

      Thanks for your kind appreciation.

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