10 possible candidates for General Elections- If not Modi, then who?

A hand showing off the indelible ink mark after voting.

In the great country of spices, people and rape, it matters less who is the politician in charge. Nevertheless, we vote every 5 years hoping for a better future of the country. Leaving the conditions of the country in the hands of the corrupt or coward or criminals, the three C’s of becoming a politician. What we look in a politician for a better future of the nation are having a vision for the youth, who’s sensitive to issues and sensible enough to address them in a right manner, who…

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7 things done by Narendra Modi government – Report of Modi Work

Narendra Modi

Love him or hate him, one can simply not ignore Mr. Narendra Modi. Being a resident of one of the most fucked up nations was not enough, being the prime minister of it brings another set of unimaginable challenges. He’s one of the most influential people and ranked no. 9 in the Forbes List MOST POWERFUL PEOPLE 2018, and his work has affected everyone, from the rich businessmen to the poorest of the families. Being one of the most popular politicians in the world, despite being 68 years old, he’s…

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“I was born this GAY”- The story behind the Pride Parade

love is love

Pride Parade which was earlier known to be as “gay liberation protests”, focuses on celebrating oneself, without being ashamed of their identity, imbibing the feelings of strength and unity among people. Every human being has the right to equality, to express their feelings and thoughts with freedom. When was the last time someone was hurt by equality? To support the rights of the LGBT+ community several pride marches take place around the globe. The pride parade comes into action and supports LGBT+ rights, their community and culture. These parades aim…

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A step towards legalizing Marijuana | Marijuana legalization


Legalizing Marijuana 2018 Millions are coming together to celebrate the marijuana legalization as Justin Trudeau decriminalized possession, consumption and growth in the Maple Country. Canada, taking pride in being the second country, on 17th October, while Uruguay being the first, certain other nations like New Zealand, Mexico, The Netherlands, Italy are likely to follow. The new law has as many supporters as it has concerned authorities, which are going against its promotion, productivity and availability. Rules: The Canadians are limited to up to four plants per residence, not person; and…

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Banksy’s Art of Shredding

Girl reaching out for a balloon  was brought to  Frieze art fair , Sotheby’s , UK last week to be taken back for a good sum. People had already laid eyes on her and within no time she went down the dump following which people stood in apparent disbelief to what they were seeing . Still confused to what this content is about?…. It’s about Robin Gunningham (as believed) and his artwork . Still confused? Banksy , a freehand graffiti artist and a man with a disputed identity has been widely…

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TOP 7 resorts in Chail Himachal Pradesh to stay

Best Resort in Chail

Planning a trip always is hectic, booking the tickets and packing but when it comes to booking a hotel we don’t spend much time in researching and sometimes regret later. We have solved this problem as we travelled to 7 resorts in Chail Himachal Pradesh and made a list of the TOP 7 PLACES TO STAY IN CHAIL. The following order is based on the level of comfort the hotel staff provided, the quality of food, cleanliness of rooms and tons of other factors. Vue Magique Resorts And Camps A…

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Internships are pretty crucial from the point of view of the employers. They value internships for the sole reason that internships provide practical knowledge to the students. There is a huge difference between what is taught in school and colleges and how those theoretical concepts are applied in real complex business situations. In most of the cases, internships are paid or offer incentives equivalent to payments. They hone your necessary time management and networking skills. They help you in laying the basic foundation of your career. Some internships even offer…

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nipah virus

A rare and deadly virus called Nipah virus has emerged in the state of Kerala and has created havoc in the lives of people living in the affected areas of Kozhikode, Malappuram, Wayanad and Kannur. Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh are also on alert. Nipah virus has claimed 12 lives including Lini Puthussery (a nurse attending to the Nipah patients) and has put at least 40 others in quarantine so far, prompting global concerns as World Health Organization (WHO) has listed the infection as a ‘public health risk with epidemic potential’. Countries…

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The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex to an American former actress Meghan Markle substantiates the evolution of British royal family and transformation of their beliefs over the years. To begin with, this wedding not so very long ago would have been impossible. Meghan, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, is biracial and was previously married to another man who is still pretty much alive- which is something that strongly opposes the old traditions of the Church of England and their motto of ‘marriage means forever’.…

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A I to cure cancer

With the proliferation in technology and scientific breakthroughs, it is certain that our future will be immensely different from the present. These advancements can actually help us cure numerous problems that the world is facing right now; right from cures for the most dreaded diseases to making the diagnosis and treatment much simpler, accessible and of course, cheaper! Cancer continues to be one of the most despised diseases today because of its ability to derail the patient’s life and hamper his social, emotional and economic well being. Fighting cancer is…

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